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        Asian professional air compressor manufacturer    China air compressor listed enterprises    Stock code:HK02113
        Our Vision: Exert Every Effort to Create the No.1 Domestic Brand of Air Compressor
        Core Philosophy of Jiebao Human Resource Management: capacity oriented and morality emphasized, respect employees and focus on talent training, realize the common vision of common benefits.
        It is the employees that create the value of Jiebao. The talents with strong gumption, innovation force, good communication ability and excellent team spirit construct the core enterprise competitiveness. 
        Create a just, fair and open competitive environment to promote the talents without sticking to one pattern and put the talents who have faith in the enterprise philosophy of Jiebao in important positions.

        Jiebaos Employment Philosophy: Five Preference and Five Non-preference

        Five PreferenceFundamental Principle
        . Person with good morality 
        . Person with strong executive ability 
        . Person with excellent team spirit 
        . Person with strong learning capacity 
        . Person with high sense of responsibility
        Five Non-preferencePreferential Principle
        . Person who is not familiar with the business is not preferred 
        . Person who cannot do little things well is not preferred 
        . Person who cannot take the interests of the whole into account is not preferred 
        . Person who doesnt train the subordinate staff is not preferred 
        . Person who is not good at innovation is not preferred